Akana Documentation

Akana products help you to securely transform your enterprise.

Release Notes

View the release notes for the latest product update.

Earlier Versions

This documentation set includes the latest version. For supported earlier versions, see Akana Documentation: All products, versions up to 2020.2.x.

Deployment Platform

The container, or underlying infrastructure, for all products.

Community Manager

Develop a customized, secure API portal to make your APIs accessible to vendors and internal users. Quickly onboard partners, provision APIs, and establish active social channels. Help developers find and access the right API.

API Gateway

Develop and manage your APIs by securely connecting applications across platforms, devices, and channels. Includes Policy Manager and Network Director.


Analyze data collected by the API management platform and visualize trends and insights.

Lifecycle Manager

Automate machine and role-based validations and signoffs across the software development lifecycle.


Digital transformation of mainframe assets, by exposing applications as modern APIs.

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