Customer Support

Provides information about working with Akana technical support.

Table of Contents

Contacting Technical Support

If you experience an issue with an Akana product, you can contact Akana Technical Support. Akana offers a variety of support services by email and phone. Support options and details are listed in the table below.

For the latest information on how to contact Technical Support, go to the main Akana site, In the footer of every page is a link to the Support page at

On that page, you'll see the contact numbers and email addresses listed. Use the information in the Akana section.

When sending an email to Customer Support, please provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Subject
  • As much information as possible regarding your question

You'll receive an acknowledgment email and one of our support staff will contact you.

Accessing the Support Center

As part of the online Support resources for Akana products, you have access to the Support Center. Here, you can find downloadable executables as well as view knowledge base articles and other information.

To access the Support Center

  1. Log in to the Rogue Wave Support Center (

    Note: If you don't have login credentials for the site, contact Akana technical support to get access.

  2. Go to a section for Akana resources. For example:
    • Product downloads: In the My Resources section, choose Product Downloads > Akana - Product Downloads. There are download files for all current versions as well as links to release notes and installation and upgrade documentation.
    • Akana knowledge base: In the Product Knowledge Base section, choose Akana - Knowledgebase to access product information and troubleshooting tips.

Accessing the Perforce Community Portal

From the Support page at you can also access the Perforce Community Portal. In the Portal, you can view information about all the pending and closed tickets for yourself and your company.

Logging a Support Ticket

For information about logging a support ticket, go to the Akana documentation site,, and follow the Customer Support link in the page footer.

The page includes information about how to file a support request, email Technical Support, or call.

When you log a support ticket, provide clear and specific details about the issue you are having, with as much background information as possible. Include:

  • Product version and update
  • Database version
  • Operating system
  • A clear subject and description of the issue and, if possible, steps to reproduce your issue so that Support can troubleshoot it more effectively.
  • The appropriate log files based on the type of issue being reported. Screen captures are also helpful.
  • If applicable, other related files such as the WSDL file for an API service.

Support Tickets: Customer Responsibilities

When logging a support ticket, please bear in mind these additional points and customer responsibilities:

  • Please make sure that the issue is related to the Akana product. In some cases, issues are caused by other factors such as network, firewall, or security certificates.
  • In case of a Production Critical issue, you can contact Akana Technical Support immediately and one of our knowledgeable support staff will help you troubleshoot your problem and collect information for further diagnosis. If you are reporting the issue by email, specify in the subject line that it is Production Critical. A production critical issue is defined as follows:
    • Actual or potential complete failure of traffic on a critical route due to failure of a system or network element.
    • Complete or partial loss of visibility/control of network elements.
    • Loss or impairment of control/monitoring equipment.
  • Document the scenario/steps to reproduce the issue. If it's not possible to reproduce the issue, explain what was happening at the time you experienced the issue and what then occurred.
  • Provide the appropriate log files from all Akana containers that are involved in the request flow.
  • Collect any other information that you think will be useful for Akana engineers to understand and troubleshoot the issue.
  • Report the issue to Akana Technical Support using one of the options listed earlier in this section.

Notes for Support Customers

  1. For the response time and actions taken based on ticket priority, refer to the Response Times table in the general Support Policy section of the Support Site.
  2. If you urgently need a quick response (for example, in the case of a Production Critical issue), please call Akana Technical Support, or submit a ticket and indicate it on the ticket.
  3. If screen sharing or an online session is needed, please specify this in the ticket so that Akana Technical Support can be prepared.
  4. In the case of screen sharing or an online session, Akana Technical Support might need to control the console to demonstrate how to resolve the issue.
  5. If you allow Akana Technical Support to access your system directly, remember to also provide the needed access information such as VPN or authentication information.