Documentation Conventions

The Akana OAuth API documentation uses the conventions shown below to indicate types of information.

This text treatment... Shows this type of information...
bold font Actual or example values.
monospaced font Inline code sample or operation name.
Endpoint values enclosed in square brackets: [?Environment=Environment][&StartDate=StartDate] Optional query parameters in the API endpoint.
Endpoint values expressed in braces: {Value}

A placeholder data value in the request syntax or in a code sample. Custom values defined as part of the platform are enclosed in brackets; for example, {UserID}, {APIVersion}.

Also used in certain cases for values in request and response examples; for example, {hostname}.

Green monospaced font on a shaded background
The API endpoint.
Monospaced font on a shaded background, possibly with syntax highlighting
A request or response example.

In addition, this documentation follows the following typographical conventions:

  • Data types and custom data object names are represented as they appear in the applicable XSD (XML Schema Data) file. In general, native data types are lowercase (for example, string, boolean) and custom data types are CamelCase.