Community Manager: Migration Guide

This guide contains Information you'll need to migrate your user interface customization, in Hermosa theme, from an earlier version to version 2019.1.x.

Note: If you're using Default Theme or Simple Dev Theme, these modifications are not needed.

For additional information about navigating in the Community Manager developer portal, and the differences between themes and versions, see Navigation (Community Manager developer portal help documentation).

For general information about customizing the Community Manager developer portal user interface, see Detailed Customization Document.

Valid in Version: 2019.1.0 and later

Table of Contents


This migration guide details changes to the 2019.1.0 release that require code migration from earlier releases.

The primary change is the complete redesign of the Hermosa Theme header.

Hermosa Theme Interface Changes

The header has been redesigned for the Hermosa theme for better usability. These changes impact header customizations.

Previous header

Header, earlier version

New header for 2019.1.0

Header, 2019.1.0n

Accessing application elements is faster and more direct. Top-level menus have dropdown submenus that provide immediate access to application features. The large plus (+) icon for adding APIs, Apps, Groups has been removed in favor of Add API, Add App, and Add Group submenus under the APIs, Apps, and More > Groups menus.

Basic Navigation

Basic navigation has changed for the Home page and Dashboard.


To access the home page, now click the "Logo" icon:

Earlier releases 2019.1.0 release
Home icon, earlier version Home icon, 2019.1.0


Earlier releases 2019.1.0 release
Dashboard, earlier version Dashboard, 2019.1.0

Adding New Apps, APIs, Groups, or Organizations

The primary design change removes the Plus icon to add APIs, apps, groups, and organizations. Now, this functionality is available under the specific menus.

Earlier releases 2019.1.0 release
Plus menu, earlier version Add is now available within each separate menu item as described below.

Top Navigation -- All APIs and All Apps

The top-level menus APIs and Apps provide access to all actions related to APIs and apps, including creating them. Previously, to create an App or API, you used the plus button (Plus icon).

Earlier releases 2019.1.0 release
API menu, earlier version API menu, earlier version API menu, 2019.1.0


Earlier releases 2019.1.0 release
Apps menu, earlier version Add App, earlier version App menu, 2019.1.0


  • To view APIs, select APIs > All APIs or My APIs.
  • To add an API, use APIs > Add API.


  • To view Apps, select Apps > All Apps or My Apps.
  • To add an App, use Apps > Add App.

Groups and Organizations

Groups and organizations are still accessed via a More menu, but the new menu now has submenus that provide the ability to create groups and organizations, rather than using the plus (+) button.

Earlier releases 2019.1.0 release
Groups and Organizations, earlier version Groups and Organizations, 2019.1.0

The Groups submenu contains a flyout menu to view or create groups:

Groups, 2019.1.0

Similarly, the Organizations submenu has a flyout menu to view or create organizations:

Organizations, 2019.1.0

Admin, Notifications, New Users, and Help

Access via More > Admin, for both the old and the updated interface.


The new interface has an updated icon.

Earlier releases 2019.1.0 release
Notifications icon, earlier version Notifications icon, 2019.1.0

Inviting New Users

Invite new users under the More menu item, rather than under the old plus (+) icon.

Earlier releases 2019.1.0 release
Invite New Users, earlier version Invite New Users, 2019.1.0


Access via More > Help, for both the old and updated interface.

Header Customization Code Changes

Controller/Template Previous Releases 2019.1.0

SOA.CM.Header /

Handles all Logo, Top Nav Items, Search, Add menu, Notifications, User Profile and User Links.

No change to the controller; only the template changed

The template displays the UI controls as in previous releases.

SOA.CM.Nav / nav.ejs

Handles Top Nav items APIs, Apps, Groups, Organizations, Admin, and Help

Substantial changes to both the controller and template.

In addition to controlling all the top nav items as in previous releases, it now also handles My APIs, My Apps, My Groups, Add API, Add App, Add Group, Add Organization, and Invite Users.

SOA.CM.SearchFilter / search_filter.ejs

Handles Search

No change

SOA.CM.AddMenu / add_menu.ejs

Handles all the menu items accessed via the + button, including Add API, Add App, Add Group, Add Organization, and Invite User Deleted

SOA.CM.UserNotifications / user_notification.ejs

Handles user notifications No change



Handles all the menu items in Profile, including Dashboard, My APIs, My Apps, My Groups, My Forum, Profile, and Logout Both the controller and template changed, and now handle only Profile and Log Out.