Akana API Platform

The Akana documentation repository provides documentation for Akana's products, including Community Manager, API Gateway (Policy Manager, Network Director), Envision, Lifecycle Manager, and Sola, along with a set of documentation covering the product Deployment Platform. See what's new in Akana API Platform.

Akana Documentation: Version 2022.1
Akana Documentation: Version 2020.2.x

About Akana

Akana provides an end-to-end, full lifecycle API management tool for designing, implementing, securing, managing, monitoring, and publishing APIs.

The Akana API Platform is composed of these primary components:

  • Deployment Platform
    The runtime container, or underlying infrastructure, for all products.
  • Community Manager
    Develop a customized, secure API portal to make your APIs accessible to vendors and internal users.Quickly onboard partners, provision APIs, and establish active social channels. Help developers find and access the right API.
  • API Gateway
    Develop and manage your APIs by securely connecting applications across platforms, devices, and channels. The Gateway includes Policy Manager, Network Director, and Agents components.
  • Lifecycle Manager
    Automate machine and role-based validations and signoffs across the software development lifecycle on this API lifecycle management platform.
  • Envision
    Analyze data collected by the API Management platform and vizualize trends and insights using this powerful analytics platform.