Troubleshooting and Support

If you run into a problem, how can you get help? There are several resources you could use to help resolve any difficulties working with the API platform API.

What do you want to read about?

Note: The items below are not in any sequence or order of importance. You can use any resource for help at any time.

Search existing resources

An easy step is to search the existing documentation. You just might find the answer you're looking for. Here are some approaches:

  • Go to the API Platform API homepage. Drill down for the service that you need and the operation that you need.
  • Check the generated documentation. The authored documentation (this document set) is updated for major releases, but the generated documentation is also updated for minor releases. Go to the REST API documentation page and choose the version for your installation. The documentation is not as detailed in some cases, but is the latest version.
  • Check the list of reference articles in the Akana API Platform API Reference Material page. There might be something there that will help. There are also links to some "how-to" topics.
  • Go to the main window in the Akana documentation repository and use the Search box at the top right to search all content across the platform. Specify multiple keywords to narrow your search.

Test in an external client

You could use an external client, such as Postman or soapUI, to test platform APIs and get them working correctly before incorporating platform API calls into your code. Some of the examples that are part of the platform API documentation use Postman.

Use developer tools

If you're having difficulty getting a specific operation to work, you could try performing the activity in the Community Manager developer portal while running the browser's developer tools so you can see the API request and response headers and content. This might help you see what you're missing from your API call.

Contact technical support

If you're sure the problem is a bug, and you have a Support contract with Akana, contact technical support. Use the link in the footer of the documentation website.