OAuth JWTAccessTokenConfiguration Object

Contains information about the OAuth Provider's configuration settings for JWT access token support, if applicable.

This object is used by the following operations:

  • Any operations that use the OAuth Provider object

The properties included in the JWTAccessTokenConfiguration object are listed below.

Property Type Description
Issuer string The issuer of the JWT access token. Optional.
ClientIDClaimName string The client ID claim name: client_id.
ScopeClaimName string The scope claim name. Optional. Default: scope.
ResourceOwnerUIDClaimName string The claim name for the resource owner unique ID: sub. Optional.
SigningAlgorithm string The signing algorithm. Optional.
PlatformIdentityForSignature string The name of the platform identity referenced for the signature algorithm, if applicable. Optional.
EncryptJWT Boolean Indicates whether the JWT token is encrypted.
KeyManagementAlgorithm string The encryption algorithm for the message key.
ContentEncryptionAlgorithm string The encryption algorithm for the content.
IncludeResourceOwnerUserInfo Boolean Indicates whether the resource owner userinfo is included in the JWT access token. Default: false.
PlatformIdentityForEncryption string The name of the platform identity referenced for the encryption, if applicable. Optional.
TokenType string The access token type. In this context, the value is always JWT.