Managing Certificates in Policy Manager

A summary of how Policy Manager manages different types of certificates, including certificates generated by Policy Manager, Trusted CA (Certificate Authority) Certificates stored in the Policy Manager trust store, and user and listener certificates.

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Policy Manager offers the following options for managing certificates, in Configure > Security > Certificates:

Policy Manager as a Certificate Authority

In the Policy Manager Certificates page, you can review and manage information relating to the built-in Certificate Authority offered by the platform

Navigation: Configure > Security > Certificates > Certificate Authority.

On this page you can:

  • Manage CDP Options
  • Regenerate CA Certificate
  • Renew CA Certificate
  • Import CA Certificate
  • Generate CA CSR
  • Export CA Certificate
  • Delete CA Certificate
  • Issue Certificate

Trusted CA Certificates: the Policy Manager Trust Store

The Policy Manager trust store is the secure repository for trusted CA certificates uploaded to the platform.

If you want the Akana platform to trust a CA that's internal to your company, or an external CA such as Digicert, you must upload the certificate to the Policy Manager Trust store, so that the platform can successfully send messages to endpoints secured by a certificate signed by the CA. For example, let's say one of your services is a proxy service to has a certificate issued by a CA. If that CA is not in the Policy Manager trust store, and you try to call the API, the platform will return an error because the endpoint is not trusted. In order for a call to a secure endpoint to be successful, the CA must be in Trusted CA Certificates.

In the Community Manager developer portal, you have the option to create an API by specifying a URL, for example for a WSDL or a Swagger document description file. If the endpoint is HTTPS, the CA that the endpoint is using must be in the Policy Manager trust store. If it is not, the platform will return an error and will not allow you to access the endpoint, since it is not secure. Part of setup is making sure that the CAs you will be using are in the trust store.

Navigation: Configure > Security > Certificates > Trusted CA Certificates.

For more information, and instructions, see Trusted CA Certificates.

User and Listener Certificates

User certificates are not shown in the Certificates section of Policy Manager, since they are assigned at the level of the individual user. To assign a certificate to a user in Policy Manager, go to Security > Users, choose the user, and click Manage PKI Keys. For information about using this wizard, including setting up the certificate details, see Manage PKI Keys.

You can view a user certificate in the context of the specific user, and a listener certificate in the context of the listener.

Certificate Renewal

The Certificate Renewal option allows you to configure a custom email to be sent when the user certificate is about to expire or has expired.

Navigation: Configure > Security > Certificates > Certificate Renewal.

In this context, the term user certificate applies to these categories of certificates:

  • Certificate for a login user
  • Certificate associated with a service
  • Listener certificate

It does not apply to Trusted CA Certificates.

For more information, see Certificate Renewal Configuration.