Configure Cookie Authentication Module Identity System

Learn how to configure a Cookie Authentication Module Identity System.

Table of Contents


The Cookie Authentication Module identity system provides authentication based on a Secure Session Cookie.

  • A Secure Session Cookie is an HTTP cookie generated by Network Director or Policy Manager as part of HTTP Basic Authentication.
  • The Session Cookie can be used as an alternative authentication token that is more secure than password-based authentication.
  1. Go to Configure > Security > Identity Systems. The Identity Systems Summary screen is displays.
  2. Click Add Identity System. The Add Identity System Wizard is launched, displaying the Identity System Domain Details screen.
  3. Under Select Identity System, use the Identity System Type drop-down list box to select Cookie Authentication Module.
  4. Enter the Domain Details (Name & Description) associated with the Cookie Authentication Module Identity System Type selected in step 3.
  5. Click Next. You are taken to the Cookie Authentication Module screen.
  6. Enter Cookie Name (soasession is the default value).
  7. In the Cookie Max Age in Seconds field, specify how many seconds after the browser receives the cookie that the cookie will expire.
  8. Specify the Domain and server path where cookies should be sent.

    Note: If no domain and path are specified, they default to the domain and path of the object that was requested.

  9. In Cookie Only For Secure Channel, enter True or False to indicate whether the browser will send the cookie only over an encrypted channel (for example, Transport Layer Security, the HTTPS protocol). False is the default value.
  10. Click Finish. The system configures your identity system based on your provided configuration parameters and returns to the Identity System Summary screen.