Security Configuration Table of Contents

Information about how the Configure > Security section of the Policy Manager Management Console allows you to determine how your deployment applies authentication. Covers Domains, Certificates, Identity Profiles, Identity Systems, and Privacy.

Policy Manager Domain

Learn how the Policy Manager domain name and description are generated during the initial Policy Manager configuration process and how to modify these details.


Managing Certificates in Policy Manager

An overview of how certificates are managed in Policy Manager.

Certificate Authority (Policy Manager)

Learn how to view, configure and manage the Policy Manager Certificate Authority.

Trusted CA Certificates

Learn how to view, configure and manage Trusted CA Certificates.

Managing Certificate Expiration Alerts

Learn how to manage Alerts and notification emails relating to certificate expiration.

Updating Certificates

Learn about the steps you should take when a certificate expires or is compromised.

Certificate Renewal

Learn about custom Reminder Frequency and Expiration Email notifications for a user or trusted certificate issued in Policy Manager when the certificate is nearing its expiration date or has expired.

Identity Systems

Identity Systems Overview

Learn about Identity Management Applications, which provide a method of storing data and making this data available to network users and administrators, and Authentication Protocols, which provide authentication for client/server applications and validate the identity of a communicating entity.

Configure Claims-based Identity System

Learn how to configure a Claims-based Identity System.

Configure Cookie Authentication Module Identity System

Learn how to configure a Cookie Authentication Module Identity System.

Configure Directory Server (Active Directory) Identity System

Learn how to configure a Directory Server (Active Directory) Identity System.

Configure Kerberos Identity System

Learn how to configure a Kerberos Identity System.

Configure SAML Identity System

Learn how to configure a SAML Identity System.

Integrate CA SiteMinder with Policy Manager

Learn how to integrate CA SiteMinder with Policy Manager and implement a configuration use case.

Identity Profiles

Learn how to configure Identity Profiles for "Authentication Protocol" Identity System types and map them to identity configuration in a third-party system (for example, user account).


Learn about applying additional encryption security to User Name, Full Name and Email fields to make them private (not searchable in the Policy Manager Management Console).