Apps Content Overview

Create an app project, apply security, version your app, and manage connections.

Creating and Managing Apps

Create, edit, and manage apps and app versions on the Akana API Platform, and manage visibility.


Add and set up an app—a tutorial.

App Details

View, explore, and search for apps.

App OAuth Profile

Specify OAuth settings that you want to support/use for your app.

Configure App Credentials

Learn how to configure app credentials.

App Security Options and Setup

Learn about how to set up and manage app security.

Trying Out APIs in Test Client

Test your app with one or more APIs using the Test Client testing tool.

Go Live

Request access to an API's Live implementation, activate your app, and manage API access contracts.

Monitoring App Analytics

Use platform analytics to monitor app traffic with APIs that the app is using.

Promoting an App to the Next Environment

Learn about promoting an app to the next environment, if Lifecycle Coordinator is in use.