Basics Content Overview

Become a member of the platform, manage your user account, obtain support, and learn about key terminology and how to navigate the site.

Sign Up

Account signup and available options.

Account Management

Manage your platform user account, configure notifications, and get password support.


Navigation elements used in the platform, App and API component overview, and platform search option.


Create and manage groups in the Community Manager developer portal.

Stay Informed

View notifications and choose apps or APIs to follow.

Action Dashboard

Information about the user Action Dashboard.


Learn about the different types of Forums and how you can use them to add or contribute to discussions, tickets, or alerts, or write reviews, to stay informed and collaborate. Learn about using Markdown in Forum content such as discussions and comments.

Using Search in the Community Manager developer portal

Learn about the different ways to find information in the Community Manager developer portal.


Platform browser support and support contact information.

Glossary of Terms

Key terminology used in the platform.