Platform browser support and support contact information.

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What browser versions does the platform support?

Browser version support varies according to the version of the Akana API Platform that you're on, and is listed in the System Requirements doc.

Note: If you're currently using an unsupported browser, it's best to upgrade your browser to one of the supported versions as soon as possible, to ensure optimum performance.

What if I have technical questions?

The following approaches can be used to resolve technical questions:

  • Most technical questions can be addressed by posting discussions or tickets on the Boards of the respective API or app.
  • You can use the Search feature to search for site content. See Using Search in the Community Manager developer portal.
  • For questions relating to the user interface for your site, or your user permissions, contact your Site Administrator.
  • If you are a Site Admin and have questions about the platform, you can submit an email to Technical Support. See How do I contact Technical Support? below.

How do I contact Technical Support?

If you are a platform user and need technical support relating to an API, contact the API Admin. For all other support issues relating to the platform, contact your Site Admin.

If you are a Site Admin and need to contact Technical Support, see Customer Support for information about the details to include in a support query and the contact email address.