About Operational Policies

Operational Policies are used for addressing the operational implications of services that are shared across enterprise departments. These policies address:

  • The operational model for services, capacity monitoring, and planning
  • The handling of policy exceptions and violations
  • Service execution, including the definition and enforcement of runtime policies such as security, access, logging procedures, and service reliability.

The operational policy framework supports both a wide variety of out-of-the-box policy implementations and also custom policy implementations. The framework also supports the grouping of policies for easier administration. Policies are defined in such a way that they can be attached to different governable entities in the Workbench, such as organizations, services, endpoints, operations, and messages. The allowable attachment points are defined in policy metadata.

Note: A subset of operational policies includes sample policies—pre-configured policies that illustrate common use cases.

For information about using policies in the context of the Community Manager developer portal, see Business Policies.

The platform supports the following operational policies:

The following information on additional operational policies is applicable only if you have the Envision product installed: